Friday, January 8, 2010

Lazy Susan for LCD cheap cheap

My Latest Adventure into online shopping and home decor has me purchasing this little device I highly reccomend this as a "cheap" lazy susan for rotating a LCD screen or anything else that requires spinning.

There is a catch!, This little guy needs a bit of weight, the runners insize are ball bearings on plastic rollers so there is a little bit of friction to overcome. End result as long as the item is reasonably heavy its great, but its not a "smooth" spin as you would expect on a normal greased metal running alternative.

For the price point the limitations are worth putting up with. If your looking for something for the kitchen a woodern metal running is a great lookinging alternative that
will free spin with light weight items.

If i get a moment i'll take some pictures of my setup and a video of the spinning motion.

Happy Shopping.

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